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Sound Of Horns Reviews !


Feedback and reviews of "Sound Of Horns" more to come...











From Hathor cames this and it was a band that I really liked and a band that really make the music they like without check on current trends, etc. They deny nor their influences without writing on his inspiration list on the disc bands Motörhead, GBH, Exploited, Slayer and Broken Bones to say some and it sounds like them ..... it's fucking fast music and there is music without a lot of solos and frills of this is about fast melodic punk metal-like music and I think that GBH and Motörhead is the greatest parable you can give them and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. This is the music and the influences that I have grown up with so therefore I think it is so that this group fits me superbly only for the fact that we have the same upbringing ..... 17/5-2013

Black Hand Inn:
2nd album by Germ Bomb. The main difference with their debut is that here the group leans more to Motorhead, Celtic Frost and Venom, without loosing the punk attitude, though. The speed is not as high, but the guitarwork is more mature.

New, 2nd album! Old shool to the core! MOTORHEAD meets DISCHARGE meets heavy metal... this duo from Sweden is fantastic!

More "Germ Bombs" brought to your attention with "Sound of Horns" which is another slab of thrash/crossover this time sounding more aggressive with an abrasive guitar edge which will remind you of Carnivore, more recent Darkthrone, and some crusty acts from around the world. There is some slower material ("Among Maniacs"; the heavy war-like anthem "Rages a War") added to the incessant one-dimensional barrage including the gloomy doom metal hit "Reverberation of Mankind" at the end. The vocals are more attached and melodic this time, and overall more expressive deliberately boosted in the mix to a positive effect. 

GERM BOMB/Sounds Of Horns (Xmusick) Some very good punk style music, think DOA,  with some thrash metal thrown in the mix. The singer has a good solid set of pipes and he sounds really good with the style of music the band is playing. He has a rough, but anger (not anger as in the tough guy vocal crap) As far as the music goes, it is just straight forward balls to the wall punk metal with some faster crunchy thrash parts thrown in for good measure. None of this shitty groove crap or jump down garbage. Up the irons. Info:

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